Sunday, July 1, 2012

Popoy's 7th "Naruto Theme" Birthday

Popoy is now officially 7 years old boy! He wanted a Naruto theme birthday and happy the threw the party just the wanted he wanted it to be. The only obstacle encountered was that, he wanted to wear the Naruto costume but I wasn't able to find a costume in the malls, not even in online shops. But at least - I was able to find a Naruto t-shirt which turned out to be okay for him.

I originally wanted a Jollibee or McDo party so I dont have to prepare much but he insisted of house party and school party. Its actually more costly but he is the celebrant so in the end, I can only follow.

You may ask - why costly? Simply because you have to prepare 2 sets of food. In school, you have to distribute the exact number of food - for example in Popoys Grade 1 - they are 23 plus 2 teachers. So I have to buy 25 sets of McDo Food.

House party - all of the kids, parents, neighbors and your guests will also come, so you have to prepare a lot of food plus softdrinks and take note - beers and alcoholic drinks too.

While for fast food party, you'll just pay for the party amenities and the food. Besides, not all classmates can come and not all the kids in the neighborhood can attend. Copy?

Anyways, I will post more of the party soon.