Sunday, August 12, 2012

Light Pink Chiffon Romper

Its Saturday, a day to sort out things at home, doing assignments, grocery shopping and of course, photo shooting. :) Its one of my favorite bonding moments with my kiddos. They'll dress up in their favorite costume and mommy do her camera trick!

Online shopping has become my favorite past time aside from blogging. I have been watching the beautiful tutus and rompers collections from Charlotte Victoria Collection  and the other day, I received my order of light pink chiffon romper which I got on sale - Php 400.00 (USD 10.00). Good deal right?

So here comes my favorite  model : Alexa - the pinklicious girl!

Isn't she pretty in this pink romper with matching pink hair bow - its so pink - just perfect for Pink Friday .

To complete her pink costume, she is wearing her Minnie Mouse wedge. My baby is becoming a lady already, not only in body size but also the way she talks and the way she acts.

At a young age, she has shown great appreciation to fashion and beauty. I think she gets it from her mommy. Is that me? :) Yes me.. :) I love to dress up before.. now no more! I am tired of dressing to impress.. I rather dress my beautiful princess!


Mommy R said...

10 USD is really a good deal.

The dress looks good on your pretty lady Sis Tina.

Kat Mint chocolate said...

you can dress kids with anything and still they look cute. She's stylish and very pretty. Pink really suit her. I love one for myself but then I will probably look silly, hehe/

raya said...

oh, so pretty in pink!!

Emotera Goddess said...

What a good deal on that pink dress. She's so cute on it specially with the pink headdress. :) #PF

Jessica Cassidy said...

what a darling in pink indeed Momi Tina :-) Dropping by from PF

emzkie said...

aw so cute! thats a good deal for $10. love her romper!

from last week PF!