Thursday, August 9, 2012

Supporting Those That Protect Us

Supporting Those That Protect Us

One of the most dangerous professions in the world is that of firefighter. Like any job that serves the community, it’s a rewarding responsibility. Unlike most, there’s less the possibility of bodily injury or death. 

It requires quick thinking and selflessness. Yes, these brave men and women save kittens from trees, but they also rescue people from car wrecks and other unforeseen disasters. They run into burning buildings to get the helpless and trapped out and proceed to put that fire out.

The firefighter’s uniform has to be the best of the best. They have to provide an extraordinary level of protection and flexibility. It cannot constrict movement as that alone can be a threat to safety. It has to strong and hefty enough to withstand some of the most unnatural temperatures, but still comfortable enough to wear and move freely while storming those elements. 

For the greater part of duty, a firefighter’s clothing options also has to be comfortable enough to lounge in. They don’t know when duty will call, and they won’t have time to change. Even their casual wear has to be rugged yet light enough to wear beneath turnout gear. has the gear that guarantees a firefighter can respond to the call at a moment’s notice. We have a full line of firefighting clothing and accessories that will not be overwhelming or cumbersome. Our product consists of only the highest craftsmanship and quality materials. Our gear has the technical features that won’t stall rapid movement and split second decisions. 

Browse our selection of service uniforms, job shirts, base and mid layers, pants sets and uniform accessories for the firefighter. We want to make public safety their priority by ensuring their gear leaves them worry free.

The same applies to our multi-threat suits. Homeland Defender offers outstanding ensembles for CBRN and Hazmat situations. Like our firefighting gear, these suits promise a maximum level of protection from vapor, liquid and particulate CBRN agents. They have been determinedly tested for superior heat stress management. The suits are form fitting and designed for confined space and superior mobility.

Whether you’re EMS, law enforcement, firefighter or chembio respondents, we provide the clothing that will keep you comfortable and cool under the hottest, driest and darkest events. Our gear is tested for performance and made to last with little maintenance and promise ease of use.
Backed by generations of experience and service, we provide serious protection.