Sunday, August 12, 2012

Typical Sight of Daddy and Baby

This is a typical sight for daddy and baby - nah! Let's say feeling baby! She is our Nursery Student, at 3 years old, she is already going to school religiously but when she is sleepy and wants to thumbsuck, she would say that she is still a baby.  Either way, big girl or small,  she will always be our baby girl, our bunso, because she is a true darling!


lonerzone said...

What a sight to behold. Father and daughter bonding.

tx sweetie said...

wow sweet scene. himaya sa kasing kasing baya if lambing lambing ang daddy ug mga anak, lipay lang ta magtan aw... NICE HOUSE too

'Mum-2-3-' said...

Oh, that's just the sweetest pic I've seen. A picture to frame!