Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fashionable men should have trendy and chic night wear !

I don't get why there are some people who can endure sleeping in their formals, or in their jeans. I find it extremely uncomfortable. Every night, if I'm not too tired, I go on a string of night time regimen—making sure I change into something sleep-appropriate, clean my face, brush my teeth, pray and talk to my hubby until both of us doze off. There are often times we do something spontaneous like watch TV, but never without changing into comfortable clothing. I can't stress enough the importance of actually getting comfy at our loft. I encourage my children to do so the moment they arrive home and when the visitors are gone, of course.

I know we're tired from all the day's work, but it's no reason to go lazy on the one thing that's vital to the resiliency of our bodies for the next day's set of activities. So I'm all out support for dressing cozily as it really affects our rest, thereby affecting our mood in the morning, thereby affecting our mood throughout the day, thereby affecting our functioning. But I do admit of knowing some people who've napped in their jeans, but that only as a result of being almost over fatigued to move.

How about men? Most men spending time on finding really great nightwear is not high on their list compared to the rest of their wardrobe. The common opinion is that nightwear really doesn't matter because no-one really can see what they are wearing when they are asleep. Other believe that nightwear for men is not considered a fashionable item but they are wrong. Major designer brands have begun to offer fashionable nightwear such as Lounge pants for men, boxer shorts and trendy pajamas. Gone are the days when the standard outfit has been the matching trouser and jacket- making men looked like they are going to sleep in a rather untidy attire. It looked too stiff and has become old fashioned. Don’t you know that the fashion industry now are busy making chic and trendy nightwear for men? As I was surfing the internet to satisfy my curiosity, I saw famous brands like Calvin Klein and Emporio Armani offering pajama trouser and t-shirts with great designs and flattering cut. Indeed, these designers have managed to create comfortable sleeping attire without being too saggy, in great patterns and colors.

So what’s the biggest reason men might want fashionable nightwear ? I guess maybe for the comfort in lounging around the house . There is something very indulgent in wearing pajamas on a Sunday morning while reading the papers over a pot of coffee. In their spare time men love to lounge and play around the house with their kids. It’s nice to wear something comfortable that fits well and at the same time looks good.