Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Animation Journey Part 1

After 3 days  of MCU, the school organized for a field trip. The first stop was at The Animation Journey in Pasay. Kuya Francis was with Uncle Christoph and Ate Rachel while Popoy was with me - as usual! We were in the different bus thus upon seeing them on foot - going to the Animation Journey, I also took some photos of them. :) Look at Kuya Francis - he was waving high!

After a few minutes of waiting, we were already advised to come out and go inside the place. I wanted Popoy to stop and pose for a bit but he declined. He wanted to go straight - quite excited actually!

She is "Ate". I forgot her real name at the same time the character she is portraying here. All the attendants are in Cosplay. 

Who is this guy? I mean - character? 

And the big boy :)

More photos and more stories are coming up! I still have to collect my thoughts. My mojo is somehow lost.. where are you my mojo?