American Coin Treasures Offers More!

 American Coin Treasures offers the finest quality, selection and value in a wide variety of gold and silver coins, coin collections and jewelry. We strive to be number one in the coin and jewelry business.

We sell the finest individual gold and silver coins as well as a wide variety of boxed sets, including US coin proof sets, US mint sets, money bags, New York Times Collections. We offer over 20 varieties of fine selection knives including the Buffalo Nickel Pocket Knife with Genuine Ruby, the Collector Pocket Knife with America’s Sacagawea Dollar and more.

If you’re looking for Money Bags of Bankers Rare Coins, US mint silver, or US coin Proof Sets, will have it. We also have wallets and cards.

Women are always very pleased at our selection of bracelets, earrings, such as our Buffalo Nickel Turquoise Coin Earrings and Gold-Layered Foreign Coins Charm Bracelet. Our women’s pendants include the Slot Machine Pin with Jefferson Nickel, and Starfish Multi-stone Pendant, among many others.

Our men’s jewelry includes the finest in belt buckles, cuff links, and money clips. Both men and women’s jewelry includes a wide selection of appropriate and stylish key chains, pendants, money clips and watches.

Our extensive variety of US coins and pendants include a wide variety of Armed Forces American Flag pendants, commemorative coins, famous American’s, Historical coins, colorized coins and currency, graded coins and US coins.

We offer a wide variety of foreign coins, jewelry, collectibles such as the Large Irish Lucky Penny and Shipwreck Coin, and gifts such as the Kid’s Treasure Chest with Replica Pirate Coins/Foreign Coins/Gems/Necklace Coins and Jewelry.

You’ll have a fine time perusing our specialty items such as children’s and Holiday such as the Santa Claus Coin Ornament, knives, religious, novelty items such as the Off-centered Penny, sports, tribute coins such as the Crusader Coin Tribute, and a variety of key chains.

We understand that knowing the history of coins is important so we offer Certificates of Authenticity along with many of our coin and collections. Please come explore our vast and extensive coin and jewelry collection. Click here to check out our selection on the gold Indian Head coin.

AmericanCoinTreasures offer a wide variety of gold coin jewelry. Visit to view our selection of US Mint Sets, coins, coin collections, jewelry, pendants, and more, please peruse our site at your convenience and let us know if you have any questions.

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One Response to “American Coin Treasures Offers More!”

  1. Steve P. says:

    Ac collector’s item but for me this is part of a history and keeping this will simply portray my adoration and patriotism to my country. I am into keeping flags and so glad I am able to find reliable source to find high quality flags.


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