Monday, November 26, 2012

Vacation Video Gaming Fun with the Fairy Hobmother

 It’s Christmas soon and the kids will have a long vacation once again. I’m not really worried about keeping them occupied during these days because the season is a busy one with a lot of visitors and guests such as their cousins, uncles and aunts as well. We will also be busy going to malls and parks for their treat. But for days that are not so busy, my husband and I are preparing the Xbox to entertain them. And while the Fairy Hobmother pays us a visit, he’s going to enjoy playing with the kids too!

I guess the fun will be doubled if our Xbox will be paired with a huge LCD Television too. If the Fairy Hobmother can grant our wish for something like that, it’s will simply be the most amazing gift for the kids! They will surely work better with their assignments to impress us and make us allow them to play video games during school weekends. We’ll it’s feels good to imagine but thinking about unlimited video gaming also makes me cringe at the rise in electric billing! My husband and I with the Fairy Hobmother must think about something else to entertain the kids next time he visits!

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genny said...

Congratulations to you! I am pretty sure that you are excited of the gift that comes from fairy hobmother. Perfect gift for Christmas from him, I must say!

I too would like to receive nice presents from fairy hobmother. I do hope that he will pay a visit on my blogs soon...