Thursday, December 13, 2012

Why Fitness Workout Bands are so Important for you

Why Fitness Workout Bands are so Important for you

Fitness workout bands, also called resistance tubes, have gained widespread popularity in the past few years with the workout world. Aside from being easy to use, the best thing about them is you can use them anywhere, even when you are on the move. There are numerous exercises that you can do using best resistance bands. If you want, you can also create your own exercises for much faster results.

Few people still think that free weights can give them much better results than fitness bands, but this is not true at all. What they don’t understand is that when you use resistance, you target more muscles and build flexibility around them. They will get you much faster results than free weights or any other machine.

When you are on the market to buy elastic exercise bands, you might get confused considering their colors, and sizes. However, you shouldn’t worry as the bold colors are lighter and the cooler colors are the heaviest. For instance, a red colored band would lightest of them all, so beginner should start from red.

Silver is the heaviest and most thickest and is best for advanced body builders. You should never start with the heaviest band as this may damage your muscles. With a slow start and consistent workouts you will see remarkable improvement within a short time.

Fitness bands are quite different from free weights or weight machines because free weights make use of gravity for toning muscles and you get resistance in just one motion. However, resistance is constant with resistance bands. This makes it harder for you to do your workouts because resistance is there in every more you make, and not just one.

Lastly, you can take along fitness bands wherever you go, so you can continue with our workouts while on travel. There are hundreds of workouts that you can do with them and they improve your body coordination at a very low cost. Online stores offer convenience and great money saver deals. Moreover, you get a huge choice in terms of brands and bands. You can choose these bands according to your fitness level and start using them right away!