Friday, December 27, 2013

Swimming at Tree House Dumaguete

After a busy wedding preparation, its time to take a break and smell the fresh air. The kids enjoy swimming with small fishes around.

Tree House is located in Bacong, Dumaguete. Entrance fee is only Php 20.00 from Monday to Friday and Php 30.00 for Saturday and Sunday. Its so affordable that is good for budget concious travellers.

Monday, December 23, 2013

We Love Dumaguete City

Guess where we are now.. Its obvious that we are in Dumaguete as shown in the photo. Yes, we simply love Dumaguete. 

After riding several rides at the carnival in  Freedom Park, we went to Boulevard for our late snacks at "tempurahan".

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Alexa's 5th Birthday

Happy Birthday Alexa! We celebrated her birthday in school during their recess time. I ordered McDonald's Chicken and Spaghetti Meal with Sunkist juice. 

For the cake, my princess wanted a Lalaloopsy cake. After finalizing the details with  Alexa, I placed the order with Sis Iris of PH Bakehouse.  As expected, the cake is not only beautiful but also very delicious!


Friday, November 15, 2013

The Best Foul Weather Clothing and Gill Sailing Jackets

 The Best Foul Weather Clothing and Gill Sailing Jackets

Whether you live in a rainy city like Seattle or need to work outside throughout the year, having the proper foul weather clothing for your climate is key to enjoying life and the outdoors. Work, walks to the store and even fishing trips become much more enjoyable when you have the right kind of protection. One of the best foul weather clothing options is a Gill sailing jacket. With a variety of colors and lightweight yet warm fabric options, these are one of the best coats you can wear in a wet and rainy environment.

Best-known for their widespread use in the sailing community, Gill jackets and gear are a favorite of many outdoor adventurers. Their most popular option is the traditional crew jacket. Featuring a fully-taped zipper and seams, this coat is completely waterproof yet breathable. You can find more Gill sailing jackets by clicking here .

Another essential piece of foul weather gear is the sailing hat. Designed to protect your eyes and skin from the UV rays that get reflected on the ocean's surface, this type of cap can make a long day of any weather much more tolerable. Because of the wide-brimmed design, rain is also pushed out away from the face. Most of these types of hats use a waterproofed canvas material to reflect water. This material is also warm like a stocking cap without soaking through.

Some sailing jacket options actually include a waterproof hood that provides great coverage around the face and neck. If you're lucky enough to have a jacket with this kind of hood, you might choose to skip the hat. Otherwise, consider it as necessary as your wallet on any excursion.

One often-overlooked piece of foul weather clothing is the gloves. Many people settle for inexpensive cotton warmers, but these are only adequate to keep the hands warm during dry conditions. People with more experience outdoors usually opt for a synthetic fabric blend, and for good reason. Wool does better than cotton in wet conditions, but it still feels cold and clammy against the hands when soaked. A good synthetic material will completely repel water, break the wind, and keep hands warm and toasty in even the wettest and coldest conditions.

By combining some of the best foul weather clothing pieces, the outdoors can be much more enjoyable. With a Gill sailing jacket, waterproof synthetic gloves and a traditional sailing cap, the outdoors can be transformed from a wet and miserable experience to an exciting and fast-paced ride. The small up-front investment in quality foul weather clothing and jackets is well made up for with the years of service they provide and the increased enjoyment of the outdoors.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Foot Reflexology for Kids

One of the things that my kids miss about Dumaguete is the fact that they can enjoy foot reflexology once a week. The family of hubby has their personal reflexologist who comes on request. While we were there, we usually have two sessions every week. 

Reflexology is the practice of stimulating pressure points in the hand and feet, which correspond into certain parts or organs in our body. It is relatively safe to apply reflexology on kids as long as the session is short. Its a natural way to boost our overall health. It relaxes the child and keeps them healthy. Ailments such as asthma, earaches, constipation, eczema and even temper tantrums can be alleviated with short sessions.

Smiling Kuya F while Ate was applying pressure on his feet.

This is their suki:

Feel na feel ni Kuya Francis:

Another Session: This time Kuya Chris while playing PSP. Waaa 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Keeping Our Family Financially Afloat

Today’s present society is comprised of 3 different classes of couples – the salary earning, the self-employed and the single-earner or bread winner. Ideally, the salary earning couple has both the husband and wife is gainfully employed with fixed and regular monthly income. Self-employed couples are those who are engage in private business jointly or severally with income that is irregular and unfixed. Couples with a single earning person means that only one of them is gainfully employed while the other is may be into private business or stay at home partner.

The Ideal Family Status

Irrespective of these classes, it is ideal that the husband earns more than the wife for him to be the bread winner of the family. But in some situation, the woman earns far more than their husbands which can sometimes put their family in shaky relationship. In these situations, the husband should be more understanding and not envious of his wife’s finances. Effective financial management at home may be huge responsibility of the husband, but this should not be without the wife. It should be a shared burden and shared responsibility of the couple.
Restriction of Expenditures
Basically, new couples or young families should strive hard to live within their income. But of course, there will be unexpected expenses wherein their savings are spent and they incur debts or loans along the way. Several huge purchases and loans may include, buying a house and putting it on mortgage, university loans that still need paying up and others that they incurred while they were still single. Once you are married, you need proper family financial planning to effectively handle your income and expenses. You should also start saving and practice measures that will help lessen your debts.
For instance, you have several credit cards and you are worrying about different charges that is growing and stripping you off your savings. Why not try and use a transfer credit card to lower your debt and save yourself from paying charges and interest on different cards. There are banks that have handsome offers for those who are interested to transfer their balance on their card. 
Family’s Economic Policy
Some homes struggle with their finances despite having both parents working and earning. In these cases, everyone including the kids should be encouraged to take part in the family’s economy. While generally, the couple contributes equally for their home’s upkeep, they are also considered as joint owners of their family heritage. Kids may also be encouraged to do their part in growing the family wealth.  Get a better online bank account which cover not only you and your partners account but also your children’s start up savings account.
There are also banks that offer automatic transfer of a certain amount for your family’s wealth building such as investment in mutual fund and stocks or shares. When you become a family, you become a group of individuals working towards a main goal and that is to keep your whole family’s financial status afloat and striving.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

School Educational Field Trip

The kids will again go on educational field trip soon. This year, they wanted to go on their own without any companion as they said they are big enough to be on their own. There will be specified number of teachers to accompany and guide the students to ensure their welfare and safety.

For the 2 boys, they'll visit these 2 places: 

1. THE MUSEUM, located at CCP Complex, Pasay City 

This features the world's greatest ancient civilization. The students will encounter the rich and dynamic culture of the early Chinese, Egyptian and Greek society, and its exceptional impact. The sketches of Leonardo da Vinci's inventions are also exhibited as a celebration of his life as a genus inventor. This will envision the greatness of the past, exchange knowledge, and experience the cultural soul of the different nations and the evolution of man's greatest achievements. It is committed to empower the cultural and historical heritage of the students through the exhibit of the diversified collection of replicated materials from different parts of the world, the journey to education and leisure. (from School leaflets) 

2. REPERTORY PHILIPPINES (ALICE IN WONDERLAND) - (Onstage Theatre, 2/F Greenbelt Mall 1, Paseo de Roxas St, Makati City 

This play tells the story of a girl named Alice who falls down a rabbit hole into a fantasy world (Wonderland) populated by peculiar, anthropomorphic creatures. Alice takes an incredible journey into a world unlike her own where she meets the most surprising set of wild characters. (from School leaflets)

Fee per student is Php 1,200 inclusive of entrance fees, air-conditioned bus and other related expenses.

I will let them be during the tour but I will surely meet them during their lunch time to ensure that they have eaten their lunch. 

For our preschooler, they will visit NEWEST KIDDIE ARCHAEOLOGY (located in Intramuros). This is the most kid-friendly destination. It is a culturespace, boutique, meeting place and venue that promotes our heritage to our youth. There is a temporary exhibit area and books on Filipino youth, toys and native attire. The Culture Kids project enhances the children's knowledge on pre-history, early Philippine Abugida, and Indigenous People through art, archaeology and active participation.  

Fee is Php 1,850 with 1 companion to cover for entrance fee, air-conditioned bus and other expenses. I will accompany my little darling this year. She was with her grandmother last year as I was busy at work.

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Friday, November 8, 2013

No Classes in Cavite

The teachers texted me last night as per proclamation by Gov. Jonvic Remulla suspending all classes for all levels in the province of Cavite. The kids still woke up early today asking if they were true. 

Cavite is a bit gloomy today with scattered rain showers, hopefully it will not worsen within the course of the day. But Pagasa already warned that the Yolanda super typhoon will hit Metro Manila and surrounding areas tonight at around 8PM.

We'll just stay at home. Be safe everyone! God bless the Philippines.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Goodbye Diego

Our pet Diego died today at 1:30 AM. He was sick for 3 days. It is unfortunate as the kids truly love him. Now the two boys are crying. While Alexa was busy looking for flowers to offer to him.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Adult Size Halloween Costume

My Chris is in Grade 2 level but he cant find any Halloween costume in the kids section. So instead of buying the usual superhero costume, they opted for an adult creepy halloween costume which is just right for the ocassion.

This was purchased on October 31 on the way to Ayala Alabang trick or treat.

Meet Princess Alexa

Meet our Princess Alexa! She is always fascinated anything about princess, pink, barbie and all beautiful things. She has some halloween costume already but they were already too small for her. She particularly requested for a long dress and her wish was granted when the office bought her a new princess costume for trick or treat this year.

Isn't she pretty? No, she hates pretty - she wants to be called "beautiful" as "pretty" is for mommy! lol :)

Creepy Halloween Costume

This is what they bought for my Kuya. He looks so creepy right? Oh well, since he is big in his age, no superhero costume that fits his built, so they bought him the halloween costume from the adult section. It looks nice though!

Since this is quite big for him, we could still use this for the next Halloween party!

Trick or Treat in Alabang

Happy Halloween to everybody!

Dog is sick

This is our pet Diego, 5 months old Shih Tzu princess breed. He is sick for the 2 days already. Mommy sent him today to the Veterinarian just across Citta Italia. He is vomiting foamy saliva most likely he has an upset stomach. His temperature is just normal but still very weak.

See you soon Diego! Get well soon!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Citta Italia Trick or Treat 2013

Halloween is one of the event my kids look forward to every year. Months before that, they would always suggest already the costume they want to wear during Trick or Treat. But this year, the kids didn't pester me to buy a new costume as the school celebration only suggested to wear something colorful. Good for me as I dont have to spend money for the new costumes.

For our village Trick or Treat, we used the old costumes last year even though its a little bit small for the boys.

Anyway, here are their latest photo. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

How To Stick To Studying For IBM Certification Exams

It's easy to say that you're going to spend a lot of time studying for IBM Certification Exams, but it's another thing to actually do it. People have trouble sticking to their lofty study ambitions for many reasons, but the following tips will help you to make your studying a success. This is how you stick to studying for IBM Certification Exams.

Create A Study Schedule You Can Stick To
You want to create a study schedule that is written or typed out, and you want to make it one that you can stick to. It is nice to say that you'll spend every free moment studying, but if this isn't realistic for you, then don't plan to do it. Create a study schedule that you know you can stick to even if it takes you a little bit longer to get ready for your IBM exam this way.

Constantly Remind Yourself Why You're Doing This
To keep your motivation to study going strong, remind yourself why you're doing it. Think of getting a high score on the IBM exam and achieving whatever it is that you want to achieve by getting this certification. Picture it, and get excited about it. You will study much more enthusiastically when you remember its purpose.

Use Study Tools That Give You Noticeable Gains
Another way to keep your motivation strong is to show yourself that you are improving by using IBM certification study tools that give fast results. The study tools available at ExamTrace are ideal because you will see yourself improving every time you study.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Monster University Inspired Cake for Chris 8th Birthday

This is a late post but I still want to share with our readers the Monster University Inspired Cake made by my favorite Ph Bakehouse.

Monsters University is a 2013 American 3D computer-animated comedy produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures.

We celebrated his birthday in school. We bought Jollibee food and brought this cake in school for cake blowing. The time alloted in school is only during recess time so we didn't  do much but distributed the chicken and spaghetti and asked Christoph to blew the cake. One thing for sure, this cake was very popular in school.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Stripes Polo Shirts

I was told by the boys that something with stripes will already do the job for their costume fun day event on Thursday. I haven't found any suitable costumes yet, but just to prepare for the worse, I already bought something with stripes.
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Pink Knee Sock

To accentuate the Strawberry Costume of Alexa posted earlier, hubby bought these 2 pairs of pink knee socks and I also bought one when I visited V Central. Thats the only mall closest to home so obviously thats where I shopped for groceries and things.

After showing to Alexa, she chose the matching strawberry knee socks as expected. Of course!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Candyland Costume Fun Day

The first semester of the school year will end soon, to end the school year, the school organized a Costume Fun Day. This year's theme is Candyland Costume.

Last year's theme was Superhero thus the old costume that we bought is no longer valid aside from the fact that they have outgrown these costumes already. All of them do not fit anymore. Sigh. Its a high time for me now to check on what I can recycle.  

Three years ago, I bought Alexa her Strawberry costume to join the Halloween Trick or Treat in Ayala Alabang. Its a little bit small for her, but I also dont want to spend another Php 1,000 for her outfit this year. This costume should somehow fit with the current's theme. I will have to find ways on how to repair this or perhaps spend a little and ask for professional help. I don't really trust my sewing skills. :)

Friday, October 4, 2013

Pet Meet-and-Greet Day

Today is the official World Animal Day but the school where my kids attended celebrated yesterday. The kids were asked to bring their special animals / pets in school through Pet Blessing.

There were iguanas, hamsters, fishes, cats and dogs all over the school.

The kids took our Shih Tzu breed dog named Diego. Alexa named him after Diego, cousin of Dora the Explorer.

 photo 20131001_105238_resized.jpg

The kids introduced Diego into their classes. They had a blast in school!

Guide to buying your kid’s first laptop

With technology dominating today's society, it is only a matter of time before even your youngest child starts running rings around you when it comes to their digital know-how. While parents are right to be cautious about buying children their own laptop, computers are increasingly used in children’s education and having use of their own can benefit them in college and employment further down the line. 

However, purchasing the right one can be a difficult undertaking, with various considerations to bear in mind. So here is what you should think about before you buy your child their first laptop.

How old is your child?
The age of your child will make a huge difference in deciding what laptop to buy. Offerings from VTech and Fisher-Price for example are made specifically for babies and toddlers. These feature mainly educational games and can be purchased very cheaply.

However, kids grow up incredibly quickly and for any child starting school, a standard laptop made by a reputable manufacturer is recommended. If they find the larger 14’’ or 16’’ models too big, small options are available, such as the tiny 10’’ Netbook.

What will it be used for?

Again, a lot will depend on the age of your child, but the majority of kids will use a laptop for educational purposes, to play games and access the Internet.

When it comes to learning, there are a great deal of software programs and online resources available. Even though your child will be staring intently at a screen, the interactive nature of computers is far better than simply watching television.

But for the majority of parents, the biggest worry is your kids browsing the Internet. Thankfully, laptops running Microsoft Windows include parental controls so you can restrict what content can be accessed. This said, the best way to protect your child from online dangers is by discussing and talking about the issue with them.

What type of laptop should I buy?

Netbooks are an affordable, small and lightweight option that still feature great computing ability and commendable battery life. You can't go wrong with any netbook from well-known companies such as Asus, Samsung or Toshiba.

Due to their functionality and potential longevity, it is advisable to buy a laptop rather than a tablet. Even though the popularity of these handheld devices has dramatically increased in recent years, laptops are better designed for typing and schoolwork, as well as the fun stuff like gaming and browsing web pictures that tablets provide.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Individual Instruction To Help Kids Read Better

A recent study made by the Arizona State University shows that kids who are taught individually during their first to third grade develop better reading skills even after leaving grade levels. As parents, we want our kids to perform better in school and when it comes to reading techniques, so when it comes to teaching them, we want to find the best way for them to learn. This study encourages more parents to help kids with their reading while they are still in their early grade levels. Individualized instruction will make you bond more and you can also monitor what they have learned and how much they have learned from your teaching.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fighting Kid’s Boredom During Airport Layovers

Travelling with kids can be hellish ride especially if you aren’t prepared for those long delays and airport layovers. They can get cranky, fuzzy and impatient driving you nuts enough to pull your hair out. Avoid situations like this and ruining your vacation by creatively looking at things you can do around the airport while you are waiting for flight. Take your kids around and try to see things through their eyes. For kids’ travelling and being in another place other than your home and their school is a big adventure. They will surely enjoy getting on and off the people mover, watch the plane take on and off, or just watch luggage moving on the baggage carousel. The key to keeping kids happy during layovers is to keep them entertained and fed and they’ll stay amused with all your airport experience.

Creative Clothing for Tattoo Lovers

Tattoos are excellent ways to express a person's individuality and style. While many people will get a few tattoos over their lifetime, they can also wear beautifully designed pieces of clothing and accessories to match their body's art. has great alternative clothing that will surely show a person's true personality and style.

Everyone wears t-shirts but only offers incredible designs that will look like tattoo art. Shoppers can order these fashionable t shirts with designs that are similar to the works of art many people wear on their bodies. Consumers can also purchase tshirts that have InkAddict's logo and name on them in various fonts and colors. Tattoo lovers can wear these tshirts to show how proud they are of the company and of their body's art work.

Ladies will love wearing comfortable and sexy leggings. These leggings are made of a light weight spandex so they are incredibly breathable but also offer a tight and sexy fit. Leggings come in various sizes and colors. They can have InkAddict's name and logo on them so fans can represent the company and their love of tattoo art. Ladies who are interested can find more adorable tattoo leggings here. For a truly unique look, ladies can wear a t-shirt with tattoo leggings.

Hats are fun accessories that can be worn by men, women, and kids. offers many different designs of hats including the infamous trucker style of hat. Hats are also available in different colors. Some hats will feature a basic black background with the's name and logo in bright colors across the hat's front. Other hats can feature amazing graphics similar to the tattoo art that is found on many people. Hats are great ways to showcase a person's love of a brand and the art of tattooing
Today, more and more people are getting tattoos to express themselves. Many people consider tattooing a serious art form and truly love having these beautiful pieces of art on their body. Permanent tattoo art is a fun way to add style and personality to the body but also in clothing and accessories.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Relieve The Frustration And Stigma Of Strabismus With Simple Action

Relieve The Frustration And Stigma Of Strabismus With Simple Action

Modern medicine including those sectors dealing with optical health and alignment has evolved to address most problems short of irreversible total blindness. Especially in cases where musculature is the cause of aesthetic or vision problems, corrective surgeries are performed regularly and with an extremely high rate of success.

While not uncommon, Strabismus is a statically rarer sight and eye condition than maladies like macular degeneration, astigmatism and lazy-eye. Strabismus is caused from the loss of vision in one eye which causes the neural pathways to command the weak eye into a compromising position in the socket. What results is the nearly impossible prolonged focus of the eyes on separate objects. Symptoms include headaches, blurred overall vision, imbalance and “tracing” in one eye or the other. Tracing is a sign that the weaker eye is having trouble maintaining focus, or not accurately sending visual signals to the brain.

Strabismus can be managed over the course of a lifetime, but in most cases it causes a severe form of fatigue and other impasses like sleep depravation and chronic “weepy-eye.” In many cases, corrective lenses will minimize the affects of Strabismus, but the condition has been known to become progressively worse with age and involuntary use of an eye with a particular muscular weakness.

Above and beyond all of the technical descriptions of this visual disorder, it can be said that the most difficult aspect of strabismus to deal with is the social uncomfortably. Two eyes each focusing on different points is as unnerving to other people as it is to those people who suffer from the condition. Most people in social situations will not be able to decide “which eye to look at,” while holding a conversation and will opt for avoidance altogether. This unfortunate fallout from a simple visual irregularity is insensitive, and can be corrected.

If you suffer from this misunderstood and manageable eye condition, don’t ever fall into the belief that it will be a curse for life. Yes, lifelong corrective aides are available, but accurate diagnoses and follow-ups can reveal interesting causes for your condition. Simple day surgery procedures for strabismus treatment adultscan elect to undergo are sometimes all that is necessary. Other times, sight science professionals will discover other medical abnormalities like socket and retinal tumors which can be extracted and allow the eyes to rediscover the proper way to function.

The point is, never resolve to settle for a life that is riddled with misunderstanding by the people you interact with every day, when your Strabismus very well could be treated by finding the right doctor or specialist! It’s time to just look straight ahead and live well!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Turn Heads On With Gorgeous Prom Dresses

Prom season is one of the most stressful and overwhelming event in any young girls high school life. Though basically, Promenade, or more commonly referred to as Prom, is a formal gathering of boys and girls at the end of their high school. It implements a strict dress code where boys are required to where a tuxedo or black tie and girls are required to wear ball gowns or formal dresses and a corsage on their arms. For boys, choosing what to wear is a simple affair, but for girls prom season is the time that girls gets busy searching for the perfectly beautiful dress that will turn heads during their prom night.

Every girl dreams of looking their best on prom night, thus it is only understandable that online stores such as Terra Costa have a complete line of beautiful and elegant dresses for prom and homecoming. You can find a complete line of the latest design and collection of dresses launched by different brands and labels for the season. You can also find suggested hairstyles and accessories that you can match up with your chosen dress from Most young girls start planning for their prom a year before because they really want to find the perfect dress and look. Depending on a girl, she can either go for long flowing gown, long black dress or little black dress, cocktail dresses and so on but based on statistics, most girls go for flowing dresses that show of their curves and shapely body.

Many girls wish to have a designer prom dress, but those can cost quite a fortune. Because of this, online stores such as Terry Costa have made a promise of making these girls’ dreams within reach by providing reasonably priced designer dresses and with affordable shipping charges. Girls can also go for discounted number of designer dresses and enjoy money-back guarantee for any defects in the product delivered. Prom season can truly be a harrowing time for many girls especially if they still don’t have a dress to wear, thanks to online stores specializing in prom dresses, it is now easier and more convenient to find the perfect dress that will turn heads on prom night!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Top Benefits of Custom Made Lanyards

Top Benefits of Custom Made Lanyards

Neck lanyards are widely used by millions of companies for promoting their brand. They are hot favorite marketing tool for all types of companies because they are available in numerous price ranges. Cute custom made lanyards are made of woven material and nylon material in various sizes, shapes and styles. Unique custom printed lanyards are highly effective for interacting and engaging with your target audience
Let’s have a close look at the top benefits of custom lanyards:

* Cost effective-The biggest advantage of using promotional lanyards is that they are much cheaper than other promotional items. Some lanyards are made using plastic with an attractive band attached so that can be easily hung around the neck and are highly cost effective when they are ordered in bulk. Once you have lanyards, you can print out cards with a visitor’s or employees name on it and attach them to lanyard. This is the simplest and most cost effective way of communicating at workplace.

* Increases exposure- Lanyards do much more than just hold your identifications or name tags. They are highly effective marketing tools, whereby they should feature your company name and logo, with good potential for exposure to a much wider audience. They have unprecedented commercial value because they are mostly used in the trade shows, conferences, group meetings, seminars, and so on. You can also give them to your potential customer with a long lasting reminder of the business or products.

* Convenient-Offering several benefits to the wearer, custom lanyards are highly convenient place for keys and ID cards, so that they are safe and are readily available when the need arises. This is more convenient than searching through your pocket or bag each time. Another benefit is that they can be worn around the neck, which means your hands are free to do any other work.

* Easy customization-In order to customize your promotional lanyard, you can choose appropriate color that reflects your type of business, as it can create strong visual impact and your business can stand out in a trade show or exhibition. As with non woven bags, custom lanyards are made using nylon, which ensures their durability and longevity. However, you can also find woven, dye-sublimated and polyester lanyards. You can easily personalize them by adding your company name and logo, slogan and theme, or anything else you want to print on them.

* Versatility- If you’ve ever worn neck lanyard, you know how useful it is. For instance, there are several hooks and attachments available for holding badges, pouches, mobile phones or even USBs. Definitely, lanyards would continue to be versatile and useful for companies because they offer excellent opportunity to advertise their business.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Superior Growth: Hydroponic Kits

Superior Growth: Hydroponic Kits

Hydroponics kits are recommended for growers new to hydroponics. The simplicity of plug-and-play hydroponics kits makes getting started with hydroponics relatively easily. Hydroponics can be described as the science of growing plants without soil, unsually with ? grow-medium to support the plants and their roots. Common grow mediums used in hydroponics kits are coco fiber, rockwool, and hydroton.

Hydroponics, the nutrient solution is the key to plants receiving their nutrition in the form of dissolved nutrients and supplements. Depending on which hydroponics kits are used, the nutrient solution can be distributed to plants in ? variety of different ways.

There are many different types of hydroponics kits to choose from when getting started. There are hydroponics kits for ebb and flow systems, deep water culture (DWC), drip systems, nutrient film technique (NFT) systems, aeroponics, and more. Each of these hydroponics kits has their own perks and advantages.
Ebb and flow hydroponics kits are known for their low maintenance. With these hydroponics kits, and cfl grow lights the plants are placed in ? grow table that is then flooded with the nutrient solution periodically. Ebb and flow hydroponics kits can be set up easily and ?o not need much maintenance except changing the water and solution in the reservoir. It is also important in all hydroponics kits to maintain the proper levels of nutrients in your nutrient solution. The lights allows the plants to absorb and process the nutrients. How ever,too much of ? good thing can quickly harm plants.

Air table hydroponics kits are also used for growing. Air tables are easy to use, and are unsually used for smaller plants and gardens. The plants are placed up in ? grow bed similar to ebb and flow, and the nutrient solution is pushed up into the grow bed by an air pump, and then the solution slowly flows back into the reservoir. Drip hydroponics kits are very productive and easy to control and maintain. With drip systems, the nutrient solution is measured out and delivered through tubes to the plants. The aerated nutrient solution flows through to the roots and the excess runoff flows back into the reservoir to be re-used.

The nutrient film technique (NFT) is one of the superior hydroponics kits. NFT systems are more advanced systems and are not recommended for beginners. It is possible to have very yields with NFT hydroponics kits if used properly. With NFT hydroponics kits, plants are placed into ? system of gulleys where aerated nutrient solution flows constantly through the root systems. The gulleys are enclosed which increases humidity and keeps light from shinning on the roots. The constant flow of aerated nutrient solution makes for quick and healthy plant growth.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Styles of the working force

Styles of the working force

The way society sees the clothes that the work forces wears is not importan t to them. When you see the EMS out and about their outfits are plain but in their line of work it doesn't matter. The ems apparel is something that is comfortable and that hold some of their tools. The EMS need to be able to move around fast so they can save lives around the nation.

Driving around in a police car keeping the streets safe is a tough job. Knowing everyday could be your last is hard to do. Seeing what they do every night is something else. The officers go out every night just so we can walk the down the streets is very pleasing to know they are their to protect us and our kids. I'm so glad that they have the amazing police vest to help keep them safer from the bad guys out there.

Having these two professions around at all times is a great feeling. Their outfits may look uncomfortable but they like them and they keep them safe and lets them come home to their families everyday and night. Without the protect from what they wear they wouldn't be able to do the jobs they do. Without there jobs the world would be a crazy place. So glad for the people that came up with the articles the make that saves lives around the world. Without them the police wouldn't be here everyday to do their jobs everyday the way they do it.

Maybe one day they will come up with a better way of keeping them safe instead of a buoy vests. The ems needs all the pockets they can have just so they can have their tools with them at all times. We need to salute them and show respect for them whenever we can. Without them we would not be alive either way you look at it. They save us in every direction we go through. If its in the streets or keeping us alive they are their for us and they will always be here for us.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Davao International Airport

We are now at Davao International Airport bound for Manila. After a hearty meal, the boys are sitting patiently on the floor while watching NBA.
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Friday, May 17, 2013

Junior Bosses

Meet and greet our junior bosses! Chris as junior boss for sales and Francis as junior boss for admin :)

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Peoples Park Davao

One boring night, we went to Peoples Park to check the place. We arrived at around 9:00 pm already but still the kids had a blast.

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Trip to Samal

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Meet Vivian and Carlo

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Francis and the Crocodile

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Pangil at Crocodile Farm

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Chris Tooth

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Pretty Girl

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Where is the tooth?

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