Choosing the Best Resistance Bands for your Gym


So how can resistance bands help you in staying motivated for your workouts? Their operating principle is simple; they help in increasing the intensity and make even simple exercises more challenging. Unlike dumbbells, exercise bands offer constant tension.

There are numerous ways of increasing the intensity of your workouts using fitness bands from Iron Woody Fitness. For instance, the resistance bands allow you to switch between multiple numbers of exercises without any rest in-between. This helps in creating a good cardio respiratory response, leading to a much higher metabolic rate and calorie burn. So in other words, a resistance band gets your heart pumping.

You can also use resistance bands at home to make your workout more challenging with full-body movements in your daily workout routine. For instance, a row and lunge, or squat to press will not only engage your primary muscle groups or the lower and upper body, but these full body exercises can trigger stabilizer and abdominal to fire as well. You can also make all these exercises more challenging by adding some resistance to coordinated movement patterns.

Lastly, hand grips add check them out here constant tension to your movements, which you cannot achieve with barbell or dumbbell exercises. You can first stretch with or without exercise bands , and then seamlessly switch to various resistance exercises by working on all your large muscle groups-triceps, biceps, chest, lats, glutes, calves, thighs and bangs are best for those essential core muscles.

You should keep your routine challenging, but not so much that you risk any kind of injury. Keep everything smooth in a continuous fluid motion. No twisting, or jarring. As with dumbbells or free weights, more reps at low intensity can give you good toning and definition.

So make up your mind and pack your bands wherever you plan to go. You can easily lose flab on legs or arms and tighten your tummy. If you’re in some sports like golf, tennis, volleyball, or swimming, you can also do sports specific exercise, and many high end bands come with sports specific attachments and other accessories to help you in improving your performance.

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