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Causes of Strabismus and How it can be treated

Causes of Strabismus and How it can be treated

Strabismus is an eye condition where 6 muscles surrounding the eyes fail to function in a proper way, and in harmony with each other. Due to this, both eyes cannot look at any object at the same time. This condition is also referred to as “cross eyes” because one eye appears to look in the different direction than the other.

This condition results in the formation of two different images in the eyes, which confuses the brain, and it starts ignoring one of these images thinking it to be incorrect. Therefore, the eye that transmits the “incorrect image’ starts suffering from a condition known as “lazy eye” (amblyopia).

Strabismus is quite common in young kids, and about 50 percent of cases are found in kids shortly after birth, and are quite easy to spot. There are different types of conditions associated with strabismus and they include diabetes, brain injury, Guillain Barre syndrome, and diabetes. For strabismus surgery in children, you can visit our site for more info.

If a family has a history of strabismus, then there are chances that kids born it the family are at greater risk of developing this condition. It’s also possible that person suffering from this condition can also suffer from other various other eye conditions such weak vision, double vision, or even loss of vision.
Various symptoms of strabismus may appear or disappear with time, and can be predominant during ill health, or sickness. Once this condition has been diagnosed, person should undergo detailed eye examination to ascertain the extent of misalignment. This examination will also check the acuity of the eyes and light reflex in addition to usual ophthalmic examination.

After the eye examination, the treatment can begin where doctor prescribes spectacles, and in some cases places a patch over the normal eye, which forces “lazy eyes” to work more. If this approach is not successful then eye surgery is recommended for modifying the strength of eye muscles.

Surgery may not resolve all issues but will certainly improve the sight problems and can make both eyes move in unison. When this treatment is combined with spectacles, the results can be outstanding, particularly if surgery is done at an early age. Doctor may also recommend series of eye exercise after the surgery to increase the performance of eyes. There can be significant vision loss if this condition is left untreated, so early diagnosis and surgery is very important.

Eyes Looking Straight

Everyone must take care of their eyes from childhood to adulthood and must see their eye doctor at least once a year or more. Catching a problem with the eye or eyes can save recovery time from possible eye surgery and lead to better eyesight.

One problem that adults have with an eye is called a lazy eye or the medical term is strabismus in which the eye goes either too far to the right or too far to the left. This can cause problems in driving, reading, shopping or being able to look another person in the eye. It would be very beneficial to have the eye surgery at the earliest convenience.

The eye surgery will help the eye to stay where it needs to stay in the eye socket giving the adult better vision. Depending on how well the surgery helps the eye will determine if there will have to be more than one eye surgery. Adults who have gone through childhood with strabismus have had low confidence in their abilities. Once the eye is straightened, the adult is able speak, walk and do everything so much easier.

Many adults might not feel that they can take off from work or may have family obligations to take time out for the eye surgery. Eye surgery has come a long way and having eye surgery now is not the long complicated process that it once was. To be able to straighten an eye takes as long as it would for a two hour business meeting. The recovery time is quick and the adult can go back home and do their regular daily routine and be back to work in a few weeks.

One problem that adults often encounter after their eye surgery is possible double vision. It does not happen with every adult but will go away after a short time, allowing for better vision. When any two eyes coordinate with each other, it stops confusion and frustration. Adults who have the strabismus problem with their eye need to get the proper help as quickly as possible. They can do this by going to to read and learn about strabismus surgery adults and be able to contact an eye doctor right away for their expert advice.

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Ice Cream Lover Kid

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Nerf Vortex Proton

Belated happy birthday Francis.

This is one of the gift Francis received on his birthday. Thanks
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Bonding at the Internet Cafe

Guess where Daddy and the kids are? They are currently in the internet cafe playing to their hearts content while me in the coffee shop infront of the cafe.

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Lego, Lego, Everywhere There is Lego!

Lego makes a wonderful gift for children, teens and even adults. Since its creation in 1934, it has consistently been one of the most popular gifts worldwide. Originally invented by a Danish guy, Ole Kirk Christiansen, he called it Leggodt, meaning “play well” in Danish. The diversity of the range these days means that there is a Lego product for any stage of a child’s development.

For the little ones
There are plenty of types of Lego for kids under the age of five. Large and colorful Duplo sets tend to enchant the youngest construction engineers. Let them play for hours and go into their own happy little worlds, while you get things ticked off the to-do list.
For the older ones
Children over the age of five generally like Lego themed around certain interests, popular movies or TV shows. In terms of this type of Lego, it matches their developmental stage by providing skills in problem solving, creativity, storytelling, and refines their physical coordination.

Depending on your child's latest obsession, you can pick up space-themed Lego, robots, pirates, Vikings, ninjas, dinosaurs and cities – the list is lengthy. Combine some of these sets for an epic “Pirates of the Caribbean fight with ninjas in New York, before getting eaten by Dinosaurs” type scenario. Just try and stop yourself from getting involved!

For the brainiacs
If your child is of an inquisitive nature and requires constant stimulation, Technics is Lego’s pièce de résistance. Technics sets are based on real-life machines, often involving complex steering and suspension systems, and also a variety of difficulty levels. Many of the models are based on hydraulic and engineering models that are used in the real world. How cool is that! If you speak with your average construction engineer, scientist or architect, they predominantly played with Technics as a child. If you're looking to nurture a child's creative and technical sides, this is the right set for them. They will build beautiful trucks, cars, buildings and machinery that they can keep and treasure forever or just take apart and start again.

The world of Lego is wonderfully diverse and enchanting and is certainly more than the sum of its blocks.