BMX Bikes are an exciting family friendly sport that can involve people of all ages, but it’s kids in particular who get a lot of excitement out of it. And with loads of BMX facilities dotted all over the UK, you are spoiled for choice! Here are some essential things to remember before you embark your sons and daughters on a BMX adventure.

Get on Your Bike!

Firstly, consider the type of bike you should get. A lot of freestyle BMX bikes are too heavy and hard to manoeuvre for younger kids. Invest in a lighter and more agile race style BMX for them. It’s probably a good idea to take younger kids onto a smaller ‘ant hill’ style track and let them mosey around and get a feel for it, before they get their confidence and skills up.

Get Involved in a BMX Club

A BMX track is a wonderfully traffic free place, where the whole family can come along and cheer on the side lines. Or they can suit up and join into the excitement and get complementary mud all over them. Check out the British Cycling website for more information about the location of your local club. Clubs are an amazing opportunity for the kids to expend some energy with other like-minded kids, and build new friendships. In the meantime, the parents can have a chat, read a book and have some proper ‘me’ time.

BMX Basics

BMX stands for bicycle motocross. But it also means more than just teenagers in tracksuits rocketing through the streets. It involves packed dirt and intricately designed pathways that snake through trees and around mountain ranges. Sometimes it can even be set over a number of circuits. The level of difficulty is much like skiing, in that it ranges from smaller sized hills up to taller mountains of packed dirt to traverse and explore. In freestyle BMX the aim is to pose in as many unusual and tricky positions as possible. Kids who are competitive and energetic by nature really thrive at BMX and enjoy the racing aspect of it. It can be an enthralling and invigorating for kids of all ages to show what they are made of. But before any BMX adventure, make sure to invest in some long sleeved shirts, padded gloves and obviously a sturdy helmet, too.

Once your little ones are fully prepared, getting involved in the family-friendly sport of BMX can be great for forging relationships, having some exhilarating fun and, most importantly, getting some exercise.

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