Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lego, Lego, Everywhere There is Lego!

Lego makes a wonderful gift for children, teens and even adults. Since its creation in 1934, it has consistently been one of the most popular gifts worldwide. Originally invented by a Danish guy, Ole Kirk Christiansen, he called it Leggodt, meaning “play well” in Danish. The diversity of the range these days means that there is a Lego product for any stage of a child’s development.

For the little ones
There are plenty of types of Lego for kids under the age of five. Large and colorful Duplo sets tend to enchant the youngest construction engineers. Let them play for hours and go into their own happy little worlds, while you get things ticked off the to-do list.
For the older ones
Children over the age of five generally like Lego themed around certain interests, popular movies or TV shows. In terms of this type of Lego, it matches their developmental stage by providing skills in problem solving, creativity, storytelling, and refines their physical coordination.

Depending on your child's latest obsession, you can pick up space-themed Lego, robots, pirates, Vikings, ninjas, dinosaurs and cities – the list is lengthy. Combine some of these sets for an epic “Pirates of the Caribbean fight with ninjas in New York, before getting eaten by Dinosaurs” type scenario. Just try and stop yourself from getting involved!

For the brainiacs
If your child is of an inquisitive nature and requires constant stimulation, Technics is Lego’s pièce de résistance. Technics sets are based on real-life machines, often involving complex steering and suspension systems, and also a variety of difficulty levels. Many of the models are based on hydraulic and engineering models that are used in the real world. How cool is that! If you speak with your average construction engineer, scientist or architect, they predominantly played with Technics as a child. If you're looking to nurture a child's creative and technical sides, this is the right set for them. They will build beautiful trucks, cars, buildings and machinery that they can keep and treasure forever or just take apart and start again.

The world of Lego is wonderfully diverse and enchanting and is certainly more than the sum of its blocks.