What Causes Strabismus and Can It Be Treated?


Strabismus is an eye problem where the six muscles around the eyes don’t work properly in conjugation with each other. Due to this problem, both the eyes cannot look at any object simultaniously. This condition is also referred to as “cross eyes” because one eye looks in entirely different direction than other eye.

This condition results in the formation of two different images, which confuses the brain and it starts believing that one of the images is incorrect. The eye that transmits incorrect image then start suffering from a condition called “lazy eye” (amblyopia). It’s possible for strabismus to cause amblyopia or vice versa.

Strabismus is quite common in kids and about 60 percent cases exist in children shortly after birth when they are easy to spot. There are several conditions that are associated with strabismus, such as cerebral palsy, brain injury, Guillain Barre syndrome, and diabetes. If there is a family history of strabismus then there are chances that children born in the family are at risk of developing this disorder. It is possible that somebody suffering from strabismus may also suffer from loss of vision or double vision.

The symptoms of this disorder may appear or disappear over time, but are seen mostly during ill health or some sickness. This condition is also seen in adults and if you notice this in your child or some adult family member, you should immediately get in touch with your doctor for detailed examination where examination is done to test both acuity of the eyes and light reflex in addition to the usual opthalmic examination.

Once this examination is over, the treatment for strabismus can begin. This usually starts with the prescription of spectacles and placement of a patch over your non-lazy eye that forces weak eye to enhance its performance by working harder. If this is not successful, then surgery is often recommended for modifying the strength of eye muscles. Although strabismus surgery for adults may not improve sight issues, but it can certainly make both the eyes move in unison.

It is possible to strengthen the eye muscles of both the eyes using some eye muscle exercises but best and long lasting results are possible only through surgery for strabismus. If this problem remains untreated for long there are chances of complete vision loss, so it is best to undergo diagnosis and take proper treatment in time.

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