Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Repellex - The Safe Solution for Moles and Gophers

Repellex - The Safe Solution for Moles and Gophers

Are moles or gophers destroying the garden or yard that you’ve worked so hard to bring to the height of perfection? Have you tried everything and nothing works? Those annoying, destructive critters just seem to be winning the battle and nothing you try will make them go away?

Well, you can relax because help has arrived!

Repellex, the leading gopher and mole repellent, is the product that you have been looking for and we are there to help!. While these pesky, burrowing animals can cause tremendous damage and be quite difficult to get rid of, Repellex offers you an easy to use that works better than other products on the market. Perhaps best of all, it does so while being safe to the environment and is safe around kids! After all, getting rid of gophers and moles, while being top priority, must be done in a safe and protective manner.

Our repellents are safe because they are made from natural plant based ingredients. They contain no chemicals that might harm the environment.

Repellex Systemic Tablets are safe, effective an easy to use. The active ingredient of our patented formula is absorbed directly into the roots of plants which charges the plants with a concentrated hot pepper taste which the animals find distasteful. Since they find nothing tasteful in your yard, they move on. This is both a safe and humane way of treated your property as no animals are actually killed. They simply find your yard not very tasty on quietly go away. Repellex is offered as a spray or in granular form. Both products work equally well, the main difference being that the spray is absorbed more quickly into the plants while the granular form lasts longer. 

We are found on the web and we ask that you check out the site for more information on these and the many other products that we have to offer. In addition to these fine repellents, we offer deterrents for many other animals such as deer, cats, dogs and others. If you have questions or don’t see the product that you need, drop us an email and we’ll quickly get back to you with an answer.

For getting rid of moles, we invite you to visit us at Repellex is used by not only home gardeners, but by professionals as well. So you can use Repellex with the assurance that you are using what the Pros use and you can be confident that you are using the best product on the market!
Also, for that safe and effect gopher repellent, check out the site for more info and while there you can learn more about our other products and for instructions on their proper uses.

Yes, at last you have found a safe, quick and effective solution for your gopher and moles problem! Why wait any longer? 

Look us up and together, let’s make the problem go away!