Just recently, news broke over the accident that cause one man to lose his arm and broke his spine. It was just an ordinary day for him and the rest of his friends at work and nobody ever knew that something terrible will happen after their work hours. As the man hurriedly leave his building, he passed by an ongoing building construction. Accordingly, there were no other ways for passing people to go except under the scaffolding of the ongoing construction. Though there were warning signs and the construction firm placed nets to catch falling debris and other materials, the coverage were not as complete as it should be and something hard fell on the guy that was unfortunately passing by.

These instances can happen to anyone and construction firms need to find a civil lawyer or Avocat Civil Laval to handle these matters accordingly. Despite preventive measures in construction of buildings and in workplaces, there are isolate cases when untoward and unexpected situations happen and one or more people are affected. To ensure that both the company and each of the individual’s right are taken-cared of, an avocat Laval with the right amount of experience on civil cases and work place accidents should be hired to handle these matters

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