Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Styles of the working force

Styles of the working force

The way society sees the clothes that the work forces wears is not importan t to them. When you see the EMS out and about their outfits are plain but in their line of work it doesn't matter. The ems apparel is something that is comfortable and that hold some of their tools. The EMS need to be able to move around fast so they can save lives around the nation.

Driving around in a police car keeping the streets safe is a tough job. Knowing everyday could be your last is hard to do. Seeing what they do every night is something else. The officers go out every night just so we can walk the down the streets is very pleasing to know they are their to protect us and our kids. I'm so glad that they have the amazing police vest to help keep them safer from the bad guys out there.

Having these two professions around at all times is a great feeling. Their outfits may look uncomfortable but they like them and they keep them safe and lets them come home to their families everyday and night. Without the protect from what they wear they wouldn't be able to do the jobs they do. Without there jobs the world would be a crazy place. So glad for the people that came up with the articles the make that saves lives around the world. Without them the police wouldn't be here everyday to do their jobs everyday the way they do it.

Maybe one day they will come up with a better way of keeping them safe instead of a buoy vests. The ems needs all the pockets they can have just so they can have their tools with them at all times. We need to salute them and show respect for them whenever we can. Without them we would not be alive either way you look at it. They save us in every direction we go through. If its in the streets or keeping us alive they are their for us and they will always be here for us.