Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Superior Growth: Hydroponic Kits

Superior Growth: Hydroponic Kits

Hydroponics kits are recommended for growers new to hydroponics. The simplicity of plug-and-play hydroponics kits makes getting started with hydroponics relatively easily. Hydroponics can be described as the science of growing plants without soil, unsually with ? grow-medium to support the plants and their roots. Common grow mediums used in hydroponics kits are coco fiber, rockwool, and hydroton.

Hydroponics, the nutrient solution is the key to plants receiving their nutrition in the form of dissolved nutrients and supplements. Depending on which hydroponics kits are used, the nutrient solution can be distributed to plants in ? variety of different ways.

There are many different types of hydroponics kits to choose from when getting started. There are hydroponics kits for ebb and flow systems, deep water culture (DWC), drip systems, nutrient film technique (NFT) systems, aeroponics, and more. Each of these hydroponics kits has their own perks and advantages.
Ebb and flow hydroponics kits are known for their low maintenance. With these hydroponics kits, and cfl grow lights the plants are placed in ? grow table that is then flooded with the nutrient solution periodically. Ebb and flow hydroponics kits can be set up easily and ?o not need much maintenance except changing the water and solution in the reservoir. It is also important in all hydroponics kits to maintain the proper levels of nutrients in your nutrient solution. The lights allows the plants to absorb and process the nutrients. How ever,too much of ? good thing can quickly harm plants.

Air table hydroponics kits are also used for growing. Air tables are easy to use, and are unsually used for smaller plants and gardens. The plants are placed up in ? grow bed similar to ebb and flow, and the nutrient solution is pushed up into the grow bed by an air pump, and then the solution slowly flows back into the reservoir. Drip hydroponics kits are very productive and easy to control and maintain. With drip systems, the nutrient solution is measured out and delivered through tubes to the plants. The aerated nutrient solution flows through to the roots and the excess runoff flows back into the reservoir to be re-used.

The nutrient film technique (NFT) is one of the superior hydroponics kits. NFT systems are more advanced systems and are not recommended for beginners. It is possible to have very yields with NFT hydroponics kits if used properly. With NFT hydroponics kits, plants are placed into ? system of gulleys where aerated nutrient solution flows constantly through the root systems. The gulleys are enclosed which increases humidity and keeps light from shinning on the roots. The constant flow of aerated nutrient solution makes for quick and healthy plant growth.