Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Relieve The Frustration And Stigma Of Strabismus With Simple Action

Relieve The Frustration And Stigma Of Strabismus With Simple Action

Modern medicine including those sectors dealing with optical health and alignment has evolved to address most problems short of irreversible total blindness. Especially in cases where musculature is the cause of aesthetic or vision problems, corrective surgeries are performed regularly and with an extremely high rate of success.

While not uncommon, Strabismus is a statically rarer sight and eye condition than maladies like macular degeneration, astigmatism and lazy-eye. Strabismus is caused from the loss of vision in one eye which causes the neural pathways to command the weak eye into a compromising position in the socket. What results is the nearly impossible prolonged focus of the eyes on separate objects. Symptoms include headaches, blurred overall vision, imbalance and “tracing” in one eye or the other. Tracing is a sign that the weaker eye is having trouble maintaining focus, or not accurately sending visual signals to the brain.

Strabismus can be managed over the course of a lifetime, but in most cases it causes a severe form of fatigue and other impasses like sleep depravation and chronic “weepy-eye.” In many cases, corrective lenses will minimize the affects of Strabismus, but the condition has been known to become progressively worse with age and involuntary use of an eye with a particular muscular weakness.

Above and beyond all of the technical descriptions of this visual disorder, it can be said that the most difficult aspect of strabismus to deal with is the social uncomfortably. Two eyes each focusing on different points is as unnerving to other people as it is to those people who suffer from the condition. Most people in social situations will not be able to decide “which eye to look at,” while holding a conversation and will opt for avoidance altogether. This unfortunate fallout from a simple visual irregularity is insensitive, and can be corrected.

If you suffer from this misunderstood and manageable eye condition, don’t ever fall into the belief that it will be a curse for life. Yes, lifelong corrective aides are available, but accurate diagnoses and follow-ups can reveal interesting causes for your condition. Simple day surgery procedures for strabismus treatment adultscan elect to undergo are sometimes all that is necessary. Other times, sight science professionals will discover other medical abnormalities like socket and retinal tumors which can be extracted and allow the eyes to rediscover the proper way to function.

The point is, never resolve to settle for a life that is riddled with misunderstanding by the people you interact with every day, when your Strabismus very well could be treated by finding the right doctor or specialist! It’s time to just look straight ahead and live well!