Friday, October 11, 2013

Candyland Costume Fun Day

The first semester of the school year will end soon, to end the school year, the school organized a Costume Fun Day. This year's theme is Candyland Costume.

Last year's theme was Superhero thus the old costume that we bought is no longer valid aside from the fact that they have outgrown these costumes already. All of them do not fit anymore. Sigh. Its a high time for me now to check on what I can recycle.  

Three years ago, I bought Alexa her Strawberry costume to join the Halloween Trick or Treat in Ayala Alabang. Its a little bit small for her, but I also dont want to spend another Php 1,000 for her outfit this year. This costume should somehow fit with the current's theme. I will have to find ways on how to repair this or perhaps spend a little and ask for professional help. I don't really trust my sewing skills. :)