Friday, November 15, 2013

The Best Foul Weather Clothing and Gill Sailing Jackets

 The Best Foul Weather Clothing and Gill Sailing Jackets

Whether you live in a rainy city like Seattle or need to work outside throughout the year, having the proper foul weather clothing for your climate is key to enjoying life and the outdoors. Work, walks to the store and even fishing trips become much more enjoyable when you have the right kind of protection. One of the best foul weather clothing options is a Gill sailing jacket. With a variety of colors and lightweight yet warm fabric options, these are one of the best coats you can wear in a wet and rainy environment.

Best-known for their widespread use in the sailing community, Gill jackets and gear are a favorite of many outdoor adventurers. Their most popular option is the traditional crew jacket. Featuring a fully-taped zipper and seams, this coat is completely waterproof yet breathable. You can find more Gill sailing jackets by clicking here .

Another essential piece of foul weather gear is the sailing hat. Designed to protect your eyes and skin from the UV rays that get reflected on the ocean's surface, this type of cap can make a long day of any weather much more tolerable. Because of the wide-brimmed design, rain is also pushed out away from the face. Most of these types of hats use a waterproofed canvas material to reflect water. This material is also warm like a stocking cap without soaking through.

Some sailing jacket options actually include a waterproof hood that provides great coverage around the face and neck. If you're lucky enough to have a jacket with this kind of hood, you might choose to skip the hat. Otherwise, consider it as necessary as your wallet on any excursion.

One often-overlooked piece of foul weather clothing is the gloves. Many people settle for inexpensive cotton warmers, but these are only adequate to keep the hands warm during dry conditions. People with more experience outdoors usually opt for a synthetic fabric blend, and for good reason. Wool does better than cotton in wet conditions, but it still feels cold and clammy against the hands when soaked. A good synthetic material will completely repel water, break the wind, and keep hands warm and toasty in even the wettest and coldest conditions.

By combining some of the best foul weather clothing pieces, the outdoors can be much more enjoyable. With a Gill sailing jacket, waterproof synthetic gloves and a traditional sailing cap, the outdoors can be transformed from a wet and miserable experience to an exciting and fast-paced ride. The small up-front investment in quality foul weather clothing and jackets is well made up for with the years of service they provide and the increased enjoyment of the outdoors.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Foot Reflexology for Kids

One of the things that my kids miss about Dumaguete is the fact that they can enjoy foot reflexology once a week. The family of hubby has their personal reflexologist who comes on request. While we were there, we usually have two sessions every week. 

Reflexology is the practice of stimulating pressure points in the hand and feet, which correspond into certain parts or organs in our body. It is relatively safe to apply reflexology on kids as long as the session is short. Its a natural way to boost our overall health. It relaxes the child and keeps them healthy. Ailments such as asthma, earaches, constipation, eczema and even temper tantrums can be alleviated with short sessions.

Smiling Kuya F while Ate was applying pressure on his feet.

This is their suki:

Feel na feel ni Kuya Francis:

Another Session: This time Kuya Chris while playing PSP. Waaa 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Keeping Our Family Financially Afloat

Today’s present society is comprised of 3 different classes of couples – the salary earning, the self-employed and the single-earner or bread winner. Ideally, the salary earning couple has both the husband and wife is gainfully employed with fixed and regular monthly income. Self-employed couples are those who are engage in private business jointly or severally with income that is irregular and unfixed. Couples with a single earning person means that only one of them is gainfully employed while the other is may be into private business or stay at home partner.

The Ideal Family Status

Irrespective of these classes, it is ideal that the husband earns more than the wife for him to be the bread winner of the family. But in some situation, the woman earns far more than their husbands which can sometimes put their family in shaky relationship. In these situations, the husband should be more understanding and not envious of his wife’s finances. Effective financial management at home may be huge responsibility of the husband, but this should not be without the wife. It should be a shared burden and shared responsibility of the couple.
Restriction of Expenditures
Basically, new couples or young families should strive hard to live within their income. But of course, there will be unexpected expenses wherein their savings are spent and they incur debts or loans along the way. Several huge purchases and loans may include, buying a house and putting it on mortgage, university loans that still need paying up and others that they incurred while they were still single. Once you are married, you need proper family financial planning to effectively handle your income and expenses. You should also start saving and practice measures that will help lessen your debts.
For instance, you have several credit cards and you are worrying about different charges that is growing and stripping you off your savings. Why not try and use a transfer credit card to lower your debt and save yourself from paying charges and interest on different cards. There are banks that have handsome offers for those who are interested to transfer their balance on their card. 
Family’s Economic Policy
Some homes struggle with their finances despite having both parents working and earning. In these cases, everyone including the kids should be encouraged to take part in the family’s economy. While generally, the couple contributes equally for their home’s upkeep, they are also considered as joint owners of their family heritage. Kids may also be encouraged to do their part in growing the family wealth.  Get a better online bank account which cover not only you and your partners account but also your children’s start up savings account.
There are also banks that offer automatic transfer of a certain amount for your family’s wealth building such as investment in mutual fund and stocks or shares. When you become a family, you become a group of individuals working towards a main goal and that is to keep your whole family’s financial status afloat and striving.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

School Educational Field Trip

The kids will again go on educational field trip soon. This year, they wanted to go on their own without any companion as they said they are big enough to be on their own. There will be specified number of teachers to accompany and guide the students to ensure their welfare and safety.

For the 2 boys, they'll visit these 2 places: 

1. THE MUSEUM, located at CCP Complex, Pasay City 

This features the world's greatest ancient civilization. The students will encounter the rich and dynamic culture of the early Chinese, Egyptian and Greek society, and its exceptional impact. The sketches of Leonardo da Vinci's inventions are also exhibited as a celebration of his life as a genus inventor. This will envision the greatness of the past, exchange knowledge, and experience the cultural soul of the different nations and the evolution of man's greatest achievements. It is committed to empower the cultural and historical heritage of the students through the exhibit of the diversified collection of replicated materials from different parts of the world, the journey to education and leisure. (from School leaflets) 

2. REPERTORY PHILIPPINES (ALICE IN WONDERLAND) - (Onstage Theatre, 2/F Greenbelt Mall 1, Paseo de Roxas St, Makati City 

This play tells the story of a girl named Alice who falls down a rabbit hole into a fantasy world (Wonderland) populated by peculiar, anthropomorphic creatures. Alice takes an incredible journey into a world unlike her own where she meets the most surprising set of wild characters. (from School leaflets)

Fee per student is Php 1,200 inclusive of entrance fees, air-conditioned bus and other related expenses.

I will let them be during the tour but I will surely meet them during their lunch time to ensure that they have eaten their lunch. 

For our preschooler, they will visit NEWEST KIDDIE ARCHAEOLOGY (located in Intramuros). This is the most kid-friendly destination. It is a culturespace, boutique, meeting place and venue that promotes our heritage to our youth. There is a temporary exhibit area and books on Filipino youth, toys and native attire. The Culture Kids project enhances the children's knowledge on pre-history, early Philippine Abugida, and Indigenous People through art, archaeology and active participation.  

Fee is Php 1,850 with 1 companion to cover for entrance fee, air-conditioned bus and other expenses. I will accompany my little darling this year. She was with her grandmother last year as I was busy at work.

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Friday, November 8, 2013

No Classes in Cavite

The teachers texted me last night as per proclamation by Gov. Jonvic Remulla suspending all classes for all levels in the province of Cavite. The kids still woke up early today asking if they were true. 

Cavite is a bit gloomy today with scattered rain showers, hopefully it will not worsen within the course of the day. But Pagasa already warned that the Yolanda super typhoon will hit Metro Manila and surrounding areas tonight at around 8PM.

We'll just stay at home. Be safe everyone! God bless the Philippines.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Goodbye Diego

Our pet Diego died today at 1:30 AM. He was sick for 3 days. It is unfortunate as the kids truly love him. Now the two boys are crying. While Alexa was busy looking for flowers to offer to him.