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Every season seems to be the perfect time for lovers falling in love, for blissful romance, I know I sometimes get frustrated trying to figure out that perfect outfit for a perfect event, don’t you? Come on, I know you do, but it’s okay, every one does, and that’s why I am here.

Today, I am going to show you how to figure out what to wear for day time event or for night time prom, stick to it.

You wanna make sure you pay attention to the details of the invitation,which will natural give you indication whether it is a day time, night time, indoor or outdoor, it also tells you what color and theme of the special occasion, at last, you need to do a shop and choose the dress color. (for a prom dress or for bridesmaids dress)

You ought not to wear the same dress twice, you are going to love this tip, alright, you’ve got all day event. For instance, for a wedding, there is a ceremony in the morning, and a party at night, what do you do? Well, I would like to select a red maxi dress,a couple of things I love this dress, the fabric is the number one, it doesn’t wrinkle, shrink or fade, fit for warm weather; And number two, I know there is no one will wear the same piece, besides,the wood and metal accessories make it really very fine for the day time, and also, you could seek out the matching earrings, they will be very good combination, for my feet, I selected a pair of leather shoes, they are just the neutral color, and which will not add any other color to my bright red dress, and the heels are easy to walk, and best of all, I love it make me taller.

Then how to take the same dress for the same event in different look. Simply pulling hair back, you will get a completely different look, which will be more elegant, also, you could darken our eyeliner a little, because it is evening that will requires a higher makeup, and also a darker lip color, also, you could change your jewelry, it is the most easy way to transfer your look from day to night,as for me, I chose a pair of red tone diamond earrings, as well as a cocktail ring, and here we go with a silver clutch, and of course, metallic shoes, super lightweight and comfortable, and its height makes me taller.

As for prom parties, you could just pick out the yellow dress, its drapes well, and the color is beautiful and fabulous, especially gorgeous for outdoor venue, I also added some pearls, and floral embellishment, with a matching color flower right back, also, you could add colors, don’t be afraid to make colors together, just have fun with that, and it is very important to keep you feet basic and neutral.

 photo victorydress-1.jpg

Of course for the garden event, I would like to pick lacy dresses, it’s airy, flowy, and feminine, perfect for the outdoor activities, and get the golden clutch, and they completely complement each other with all these accessories you put on.

 photo victorydress-3.jpg

It is a miss that you can not wear a  black prom dress to a prom, come on, it’s hip, it’s modern, it’s contemporary, I love this kind of dress. I first fell in love with it when I saw it on, you could also wear a leather belt, I paired it with a pair of gold high heels, I highly recommend you to get a golden color handbag, which will allow you for any occasions, great piece.

 photo victoriadress-2.jpg

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