Saturday, November 9, 2013

School Educational Field Trip

The kids will again go on educational field trip soon. This year, they wanted to go on their own without any companion as they said they are big enough to be on their own. There will be specified number of teachers to accompany and guide the students to ensure their welfare and safety.

For the 2 boys, they'll visit these 2 places: 

1. THE MUSEUM, located at CCP Complex, Pasay City 

This features the world's greatest ancient civilization. The students will encounter the rich and dynamic culture of the early Chinese, Egyptian and Greek society, and its exceptional impact. The sketches of Leonardo da Vinci's inventions are also exhibited as a celebration of his life as a genus inventor. This will envision the greatness of the past, exchange knowledge, and experience the cultural soul of the different nations and the evolution of man's greatest achievements. It is committed to empower the cultural and historical heritage of the students through the exhibit of the diversified collection of replicated materials from different parts of the world, the journey to education and leisure. (from School leaflets) 

2. REPERTORY PHILIPPINES (ALICE IN WONDERLAND) - (Onstage Theatre, 2/F Greenbelt Mall 1, Paseo de Roxas St, Makati City 

This play tells the story of a girl named Alice who falls down a rabbit hole into a fantasy world (Wonderland) populated by peculiar, anthropomorphic creatures. Alice takes an incredible journey into a world unlike her own where she meets the most surprising set of wild characters. (from School leaflets)

Fee per student is Php 1,200 inclusive of entrance fees, air-conditioned bus and other related expenses.

I will let them be during the tour but I will surely meet them during their lunch time to ensure that they have eaten their lunch. 

For our preschooler, they will visit NEWEST KIDDIE ARCHAEOLOGY (located in Intramuros). This is the most kid-friendly destination. It is a culturespace, boutique, meeting place and venue that promotes our heritage to our youth. There is a temporary exhibit area and books on Filipino youth, toys and native attire. The Culture Kids project enhances the children's knowledge on pre-history, early Philippine Abugida, and Indigenous People through art, archaeology and active participation.  

Fee is Php 1,850 with 1 companion to cover for entrance fee, air-conditioned bus and other expenses. I will accompany my little darling this year. She was with her grandmother last year as I was busy at work.

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