Friday, January 31, 2014

Shopping at Zalora for School Play

I saw in my boys school diary that they'll having a school play soon. They will be performing "Ewan" song and will be wearing:

  • Plain white shirt
  • Suspender
  • Cap
  • Stripe short
  • Rubber shoes
They already have a relatively new rubber shoes bought last December and some old caps. Luckily, I was given a free coupon codes from Zalora for shopping online.

I was out yesterday afternoon and when I came home, the kids already showed me the newly arrived packaged. 

Shopping online is like guessing the size. You have to make sure it fits you as its very difficult to return it. Since I am not sure yet if size small would fit my boys, so I bought 1 shirt first. Luckily, it fits so I am going to buy the same size again.

I can't believe that my boys would fit a 30 waistline already. Its a little big for them but the boys prefer a loose shorts like hip hop! They've grown so big already.

Thanks Zalora for the awesome coupon codes!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


The kids received new bey blades from Uncle C. They were happy playing with it using the plastic box. They used to have a stadium for the bey blades but lost as usual.

Its seldom for these 3 kiddos to play together, happy and without a fight! But still, they love each other like crazy!

Poster Art Set

Daddy came home today  from Divisoria with poster art set for our little princess. Alexa was so happy that she immediately opened and used it. Divisoria is a paradise for shopping. There are lots of goodies at a very affordable prices. Most of these items are imported from China thus at times, the materials are flimsy and does not last for long. But for a poster art set just like this - what else could go wrong? For a little girl, who loves to paint, this is beautiful!

At first, she said not to take a photo of her. But I insisted and pestered her ... in the end she gave in!

After several strokes and a few photos taken in haste, she finally agreed and said - okay take a photo now!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Find a Perfect Baby Stroller

If you are planning to take your baby in an urban walk with you, surely you will need a stroller. Take note that it should be of high quality since baby stroller also spell trouble especially when you inappropriately picked the right one. To ensure a worry-free travel, here are some tips that you can use to find a perfect baby stroller.

  • Stability. Check for the balance of the stroller.

  • Right harness. Make sure that you choose the right number of harness for trips. A three-point harness will do for occasional trips. Meanwhile, a five-point harness is suitable for babies who stay a lot longer in the stroller.
  •     Lightweight strollers. If you travel a lot, then you better opt for lightweight strollers that have the same features as those strollers in more than 20 pounds.

 Finding the right stroller can be daunting. However, if you have some guidelines to follow, you will be able to secure a perfect baby stroller that will surely meet your demands.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Church Wedding

We went home to Dumaguete to have a short vacation at the same time attend the wedding of Tito Em and Ate Marilyn. The kids were part of the entourage. Francis carried the symbol of faith (Bible), Chris carried the symbols of binding treasure (Coins) and Alexa as one of the flower girls.

Just before the ceremony, the kids posed for a while in their usual grumpy mode. They disliked me taking photos of them. I guess they're grown up already! They used to love them!

The kids wore Barong Tagalog with red undershirt to match the color motif of the wedding.

And here is the flower girl in her usual peace sign. I wonder why this girl always make this sign! In most of her photos, be it formal or informal, she always does that! Somehow its cute too!

The lovely couple in their first dance after the church wedding. They were wed already on civil rights years ago.

And the mommy! Me and hubby were the secondary sponsors. We unfold them with the veil of unity. :)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Goofing Around

These photos were taken while inside Philippine Airlines, on our way to Dumaguete on December 13. We left the house relatively early because our flight was at 8:30 AM.

Nothing to do before take off, my kids are playing around with my phone. Chris is always playing wacky in all of his photos. You can see from here too.