Monday, January 13, 2014

Church Wedding

We went home to Dumaguete to have a short vacation at the same time attend the wedding of Tito Em and Ate Marilyn. The kids were part of the entourage. Francis carried the symbol of faith (Bible), Chris carried the symbols of binding treasure (Coins) and Alexa as one of the flower girls.

Just before the ceremony, the kids posed for a while in their usual grumpy mode. They disliked me taking photos of them. I guess they're grown up already! They used to love them!

The kids wore Barong Tagalog with red undershirt to match the color motif of the wedding.

And here is the flower girl in her usual peace sign. I wonder why this girl always make this sign! In most of her photos, be it formal or informal, she always does that! Somehow its cute too!

The lovely couple in their first dance after the church wedding. They were wed already on civil rights years ago.

And the mommy! Me and hubby were the secondary sponsors. We unfold them with the veil of unity. :)


kimmy said...

that was so sweet! i'm not much into big weddings, mine was a very simple one, but i find big weddings sort of sweet..

Dhemz said...

how nice...the boys are looking cute as ever....dalaga naman tawon si inday Alexa...growing up so pretty! gwapaha sa last pic woi...long hair naman diay ka ron te!

Healy Harpster said...

So cute your kiddos mommy Tina! :) Liwat sa imo.

Tina Cors said...

@Kimmy - civil wedding pa lang kami.. :) planning our church wedding din soon..

@Dhemz - thanks girl! Yes medyo long hair na tawon ni..

@Healy - thanks dear..

Heather said...

what a beautiful wedding! And the peace symbol she does is so precious!