Saturday, January 25, 2014

Find a Perfect Baby Stroller

If you are planning to take your baby in an urban walk with you, surely you will need a stroller. Take note that it should be of high quality since baby stroller also spell trouble especially when you inappropriately picked the right one. To ensure a worry-free travel, here are some tips that you can use to find a perfect baby stroller.

  • Stability. Check for the balance of the stroller.

  • Right harness. Make sure that you choose the right number of harness for trips. A three-point harness will do for occasional trips. Meanwhile, a five-point harness is suitable for babies who stay a lot longer in the stroller.
  •     Lightweight strollers. If you travel a lot, then you better opt for lightweight strollers that have the same features as those strollers in more than 20 pounds.

 Finding the right stroller can be daunting. However, if you have some guidelines to follow, you will be able to secure a perfect baby stroller that will surely meet your demands.


ProbablyCrafting said...

These are some good ideas that every new parent should take into consideration. Our first stroller was a gift from family it was a travel set and I hated the stroller (too big and hard to turn) but then we went and purchased another one and we were go to go anywhere.

Unknown said...

Such good information. I have been meaning to get a lighter stroller for my toddler.

Michelle F.

Anonymous said...

Great post. They've really come a long way with stroller design! I remember when taking the bulky double stroller out of the trunk was a work out of its own! Then trying to maneuver it around...ugh! I love all the choices out there now with so many great features!

Melanie @ bear rabbit bear said...

Some of the strollers are so heavy, so picking a lightweight stroller is a great tip!

Ondria Witt said...

Great tips! I wish I'd had the chance to test out the stroller I purchased when my son was baby. It was a multi-functional stroller, but the wheels kept getting caught/refused to turn all the way and it wound up being a huge regret purchase. Next time, I'll know better!