Friday, January 31, 2014

Shopping at Zalora for School Play

I saw in my boys school diary that they'll having a school play soon. They will be performing "Ewan" song and will be wearing:

  • Plain white shirt
  • Suspender
  • Cap
  • Stripe short
  • Rubber shoes
They already have a relatively new rubber shoes bought last December and some old caps. Luckily, I was given a free coupon codes from Zalora for shopping online.

I was out yesterday afternoon and when I came home, the kids already showed me the newly arrived packaged. 

Shopping online is like guessing the size. You have to make sure it fits you as its very difficult to return it. Since I am not sure yet if size small would fit my boys, so I bought 1 shirt first. Luckily, it fits so I am going to buy the same size again.

I can't believe that my boys would fit a 30 waistline already. Its a little big for them but the boys prefer a loose shorts like hip hop! They've grown so big already.

Thanks Zalora for the awesome coupon codes!