Saturday, February 15, 2014

National Arts Month - Ewan for Grade 3 Keller

Our 3rd Grader Kuya Francis performed on February 14  at 2:30 PM with the same song as Kuya Chris.

National Arts Month - Ewan for Grade 2 MichelAngelo

Unfortunately, I was in the wrong place when I took this video. I thought my son would be in the right side, but he was actually on the far left - thus I wasn't able to get him actually in this video. Sorry Son!

Luckily, Dad transferred right away to the left side when he spotted him going in that direction. He took some photos of him.

Before leaving the house, he asked me to take a quick photo of him. Big boy right?

National Arts Month - Kalesa Song for Pre-Kinder Bambini

This is our girl - in Filipiniana costume for their school performance in celebration for The National Arts Month showcasing the children's talents.

The video of their performance:

We were all there to witness our little girl's dance. She was so excited and secretive in her actions. She never showed us any steps at home but dance gracefully in the stage. We are so proud of her!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Filipiniana Costume

The kids will be performing end of this week in school.  I bought already the costumes for the boys. I planned to buy for Alexa last weekend but prior to going to Baclaran, I asked a friend for her daughter's Filipiniana costume and luckily she has one! So I just borrowed for a one time event. Its not really practical to buy one.

Today was the rehearsal for our princess, she came home darn tired but very excited. I haven't seen her perform in school yet, so I am also excited to watch her dance! I was out of town or out of the country last time, cant wait to see her!