Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Best Halloween Costumes for Kids

Halloween is just around the corner and moms like me are on a rush to find the perfect costume for their kids. Usually, kids have the last say with what they want to be for this season. As we all know, Halloween is no longer just about having a scare-fest, it is has become a time for kids to dress up according to their dreams and aspirations. I was inspired with a post I saw wherein a dad allowed his son to become “Elsa” from the movie “Frozen” for this year’s celebration. I am also asking my kids, what they want to be so that I can search and shop for them this early. It’s a good thing I’ve discovered Viva Fashionista where everything my kids would ever need for Halloween are available.

My oldest son wants to become a Rockstar and my little girl wants to become “Elsa” for this year so I have been searching for a wig that they can wear during the celebration. I browsed at Viva Fashionista and I was very impressed with the products they have in line. I have found a really nice shaggy brown shoulder length wig that will go great with my son’s leather costume. 

Aside from the wide variety of choices, online shoppers like me will also be thrilled to know that they can find wonderful products here are very affordable prices.

I was really delighted to find almost everything I need for my kids’ Halloween costume needs at a single stop. My little girl is excited with her long blond wavy wig which we will braid the way it was with “Elsa’s.”

I tried to find some party supplies from the website and I did not fail. I am very happy with my purchases and even more because they have international shipping service too. They have everything you will need to set up a perfect Halloween party. They have clothing items for men, women and kids, toys, accessories, gift ideas and a lot more.