Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Murals Offer the Biggest Impact for Your Decorating Dollar

Create the perfect focal point in any room with murals. There are many ways you can have one-of-a-kind art wall in your home, no matter what your decorating budget may be.

Wallpaper has come a long way since the days of only a few popular choices. You can get wallpaper in almost any design imaginable, including traditional floral designs, modern geometric accents, and even countryside still-lifes. Depending on your handyman skills, you can save a lot of money buying the wallpaper and installing it yourself, as long as you have the right supplies to do a professional job. If in doubt, consult an expert, especially if you buy designer wallpaper. It will save you money in the end if you do not have to redo the project because of the wrong hanging technique.

Wall Decals
For a less permanent wall mural, look into removable decals. These are especially useful in kids rooms, as it will not be a lot of work to change the décor, as the child grows older and tastes change. You can get decals in everything from favorite cartoon characters to inspirational sayings to boost positive attitudes and self-esteem. The best part about decals is that you can re-position them, so you can play around with the mural until you get it just right.

Chinoiseries Murals
For a more classic look, even those on a budget can afford a hand-painted reproduction of original murals. These beautiful Asian art pieces are sure to add a zen-like feel to any space. For garden-inspired spaces, choose a mural featuring delicate flowers or blooms and birds. Create the look of a quaint countryside in your living room, or highlight an Asian décor scheme with a bamboo-themed painting. For nature lovers, choose a colorful mural depicting deer in the woods or large birds fluttering among the bamboo. If your décor is minimalist in design, get a mural with monochromatic or neutral tones with a subtle design of clouds and birds, or light floral accents.

Palace Garden Orange with Birdcages

Creating a focal wall does not have to time-consuming or expensive. Whether you have a large decorating budget or a small one, a mural will offer a dramatic impact to your design scheme.