Friday, January 8, 2016

Sportmanship Award for My Second Son

Early last year, the boys were enticed to join the varsity team of the school where they are currently attending. Both boys came for basketball try out, my eldest was sick at the time so he wasn't accepted to be part of the varsity. Luckily, the second son made it! But it was not easy. There was time a big drama prior to that!

While they were still playing for the try-outs, the coach raised his voice while looking at him, he immediately pack his things and ran to mommy in tears. 

We talked for a few minutes explaining to him about sports, basketball and working in a team with a coach! After my ardent request to join back to the group, he finally agreed but with mommy near the court. Oh yes!  I will do it son, I uttered! 

Their school varsity team didnt make it to the finals but he finally loved and enjoyed working in a team.

So when our subdivision started a basketball league, they formed a team called Citta Italia Warriors (yes, all Stephen Curry fanatics). 

Their team got the 3rd Place and he won - yes you read it right - SPORTMANSHIP AWARD!!

Kudos to the Citta Italia Warriors - of course that includes Kuya Francis who also played in the team and to their coaches - Kuya Lawrence and Mang Rey!

And to you Christoph aka Popoy or Poopy, congratulations my Popoy!  We are proud of you!

His Medal - Sportmanship Award - Kids Division