Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Kids On Bikes 2016

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If you are looking for a fun but inexpensive activity for you and your family before the summer officially kicks in? Gear up and get your kids' bicycles ready for Kids On Bikes 2016, the first bike carnival competition in the country.

Kids On Bikes is a national fun race to promote good health and wellness for the kids, aiming to foster camaraderie, bonding, and fun for the whole family.

Supported by Unilab’s Growee, this event promotes good health and wellness for kids, because it is important for our kids to have strong bones and muscles. Most importantly, this event also aims to cultivate a fun bonding experience for the whole family. It's not enough for kids to just be tall, they have to be tough as well! Growee not only has CGF for maximum height, it also has Vitamin D for strong bones and strong muscles! With Vitamin D found in Growee, kids are not just tall, they're tough too!


Kids On Bikes is a sports biking competition for kids. As a race to good health and wellness, this sports activity aims to promote discipline, good health, and sportsmanship for the kids. Kids On Bikes also fosters bonding, camaraderie, and fun for the whole family.


Kids on Bikes to be an annual race competition, declaring the biker kid of the year. Kids On Bikes will be massively promoted in schools and will have regional legs nationwide. This will be legitimized in to a national event campaign to be supported by the national and local governments.


Kids On Bikes aims to raise benefactions for the less fortunate children in our communities by endowing the kids with bikes. Together with our partners and supporters, we are able to expand our campaign of health and wellness for the kids.


Kids On Bikes is a national fun race to promote good health and wellness for the kids, aiming to foster camaraderie, bonding, and fun for the whole family.

Race Categories
    • Fun Ride – kids ages 3-5 years old : This is a no-competition fun race for the kids. A family activity where participants are joined by parents or guardians to play in a stress free and fun mini playground.
 photo Kids On Bikes Race Category 3.jpg
    • Bike Relay – kids ages 6-8 years old : This is a team mini bike race competition where the kid and up to two family members compete with the other teams in a relay type of race.
 photo Kids On Bikes Race Category 2.jpg
    • Main Race – kids ages 9-13 years old : This is the major bike competition. The kids will have a friendly competition where kids will race each other to be hailed as the “The Biker Kid Of The Year”.
 photo Kids On Bikes Race Category 1.jpg
The Legs/Venues
  • March 06, 2016 at the SM Mall Of Asia Grounds (Opening)
  • March 19, 2016 at the Ayala Alabang Country Club
  • March 27, 2016 at the UP Diliman Grounds
  • April 09, 2016 at the SM Mall of Asia Grounds (Finale)
How To Join

It’s free and easy to join!
  • Register online at the Kids On Bikes PH Facebook page. Like and Click the ‘Sign Up’ button.
  • Just present a carton box of Growee 250ml (or 2 carton of Growee 120ml) in exchange for the Race Kit which consists of the following:
  1. Singlet jersey race
  2. First aid kit
  3. Water provision
  4. Snack provision
  5. Race map
  6. Race number sticker
  7. Kids on Bikes water jugs
  8. Certificate of participation
  • Bring your own bikes and gears.
A limited number of bikes & gears will be available for those without bikes.
  • Race to fun!

For more information, please visit/contact:

Kids On Bikes PH






Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Happy 12th Birthday Francis

Happy Birthday Kuya Francis! We love you to pieces! From the moon and back... I am so grateful for you Kuya for taking good care of your younger siblings.

Please guide and watch over them while Mommy is out - okay?

Anyway, for his birthday, he insisted of doing it at home. His instructions were: no more food in the school - that's just for young kids, and no more staycation - he prefers to celebration in the house with his classmates and our neighbors.

Of course, well done Son! Thats even better - that's cheaper and easier for me to prepare.

His simple cake from Goldilocks!  No more personalized cake now with favorite character - just a normal cake will do. Oh great Son! Thats even better! :)

I asked him what kind of food to prepare. He said : "spaghetti, fried chicken, ice cream, nachos and gulaman drinks!  Oh sure Son, less food is cheaper! :)

He got what he wanted!

But I added Calda pizza, shanghai rolls, ham rolls, mallows, gummy candies and buko pandan.

Thanks to Ate Nicole and Ate Jean for preparing the food. :)

After lunch, her persuaded me to get his gift which I forgot in the office. So together with my mini-me, we drove to the warehouse to get it.

He was so excited to receive his gift! Surprise, surprise!


Look how he reacted when opening the gift :


Happy boy!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Lost Boy by Christoph

My son has been selected as of the contestant for the Declamation / Speech contest held in Palm Grove.

I was surprised that he was able to complete his piece without forgeting any lines. With that, thats already an accomplishment for me!

Thanks a lot Son! I am so proud of you!

Reverse Creation by Francis

My eldest was selected to participate in the Speech Contest. For Grade 5, 10 contenders competed for "Reverse Creation" piece. While he was practicing at home, I was really happy while listening to his piece as he uttered with enthusiasm and conviction!

I am so pleased that he is no longer the shy type kind of guy! He loves to participate in all school activities and contests.

Late last year, he was also part of the Science quiz bee.

I am so happy and proud of my big man!

Throwback Thursday: My Three Gems 5 Years Ago

Look at what I got from Facebook yesterday, a photo I posted 5 years ago. 

The boys were still in Preschool then and had a school activity back then. We tagged along our little princess to watch the show of her 2 Kuyas!

Look at how the boys hug the little sister? So sweet..

But why now? Why they kept on bothering my little princess? Are they just over protective of their sibling? Or is Alexa really  that maarte like they claimed to be?

my 3 forever loves. my 3 jewels

Monday, February 8, 2016

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Gong Xi Fa Cai (Mandarin) / Gong Hey Fat Choy (Cantonese). That's the Chinese 2 ways of saying Happy New Year.

For us, a simple Happy Chinese New Year will suffice!

Been wondering though that I did not receive any tikoy! Where are my Chinese friends?

Alexa is wearing a Chinese traditional dress bought in Shanghai the other year!

Happy New Year! Whats in store for us in the Year of the Monkey?