Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Happy 12th Birthday Francis

Happy Birthday Kuya Francis! We love you to pieces! From the moon and back... I am so grateful for you Kuya for taking good care of your younger siblings.

Please guide and watch over them while Mommy is out - okay?

Anyway, for his birthday, he insisted of doing it at home. His instructions were: no more food in the school - that's just for young kids, and no more staycation - he prefers to celebration in the house with his classmates and our neighbors.

Of course, well done Son! Thats even better - that's cheaper and easier for me to prepare.

His simple cake from Goldilocks!  No more personalized cake now with favorite character - just a normal cake will do. Oh great Son! Thats even better! :)

I asked him what kind of food to prepare. He said : "spaghetti, fried chicken, ice cream, nachos and gulaman drinks!  Oh sure Son, less food is cheaper! :)

He got what he wanted!

But I added Calda pizza, shanghai rolls, ham rolls, mallows, gummy candies and buko pandan.

Thanks to Ate Nicole and Ate Jean for preparing the food. :)

After lunch, her persuaded me to get his gift which I forgot in the office. So together with my mini-me, we drove to the warehouse to get it.

He was so excited to receive his gift! Surprise, surprise!


Look how he reacted when opening the gift :


Happy boy!