Friday, June 30, 2017

Happy 12th Birthday Popoy

Time flies so fast - who would have imagine that God blessed me with 3 amazing and loving kids!

To my handsome, sweet and loving son, happiest 12th birthday to you, my Popoy! May God continue to bless you with good health and good heart :) Stay as malambing as you!

Love you Son to  the moon and back! 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Preparing for a Baby’s Baptism

Receiving the sacrament of baptism is a very special occasion for the baby and the family. Everyone is excited to welcome a child to the Christian world thus preparation is important in ensuring that everything goes well during the occasion. Many parents are torn between getting contemporary christening attire or heirloom piece. You should also consider the weather or the climate in your place when choosing the baby’s christening attire to ensure that they remain comfortable all though out the baptism. Aside from the baby’s dress, you must also find a reliable catering service to provide for refreshment or lunch for your family and friends, the baby’s godparents and your visitors. 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Tips to Save on Family-Get-Together

A vacation is a great investment for the family. It is not about growing your digits, but more on relationship and emotional growth. However, getting on a vacation will require monetary expenditure and here are some tips to save on your finances.
  1. Book tickets ahead of time.
  2. Share a rent with relatives or friends.
  3. Book using reward points.
  4. Book accommodation that permits you to cook.
  5. Look for great deals and promos.
  6. Bring food on a road trip.
  7. Bring adventure gears.
  8. Rent cars on a weekly basis.
  9. Buy souvenirs in sidewalk fairs or opt for pre-buy souvenirs.
  10. Opt for off-season vacation.
Indeed, a vacation is rewarding when spent with the family and when budget is not compromised. Enjoy!

Traits of an Advanced Student

What really makes an advanced student standout? Here are four traits:

1. Perseverance
An advanced student studes new, unfamiliar, and challenging topics on an almost daily basis. With this, he is constantly faced with problems he may or may not solve. Despite that, he still strives to come up with the solution even if it makes him endless number of times. He constantly persists even if there is no definite time when he will achieve it and even if he keeps on getting it wrong. He keeps on going because he is not one to give up and because he knows that he will get it right eventually.

2. Patience
An advanced student takes multiple tries for an indefinite period of time. He usually does not get the right answer at the first try, especially with the most challenging problems. But he still strives to check his solution or go back to the start to come up with a new strategy. He knows that he will need to try and try again until he gets it right, and he maintains his calm and composure throughout the whole process. He does not stop trying because he knows that his efforts will pay off when he gets it right.

3. Courage
An advanced student faces challenges head on - no matter how hard it is. He does not back down from new learnings because he knows that he will not only add to his current knowledge but also gain new experiences. He is given the opportunity to go out of his comfort zone every time he encounters a challenge, and he accepts this willingly because he loves the idea of a challenge and of discovering a new world. If he makes mistakes or if he fails, he doesn't see it as a bad thing but as a good thing to learn from.

4. Independence

An advanced student can do things on his own. He does not cringe at the idea of doing something alone nor does he shudder at the idea of doing all the work by himself. He learns new things on his own which leads him to make decisions on his own. He develops accountability for his actions and claims a sense of responsibility for anything he comes up with. He develops confidence in himself which allows him to do more and be more in the long run.

If you want your child to be an advanced student, you may enroll them in Kumon. Its been said that a child going beyond his grade level and studying more challenging topics is a trait of an - Advanced Student.