Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Planning to Change The Title

Ahoy, dear readers, I have been thinking of changing the title of this blog. I created this blog when my kids are still small - yes as small as the photos below. I dont want to replace these photos so as to remind me how much they've grown already.

I asked my second son what would be his suggestion for a blog name. Without thinking twice, he said from "Small Kids, Big Dreams"  to  "Big Kids, Small Dreams". funny right?

I am still playing with the idea, if you have one, please drop me a message!

Capturing Child’s Innocence in Pictures

Children are wonderful photo subjects – they have a youthful vibe that many photographers want to catch through pictures. These precious moments in your children’s lives can be highlighted and kept for many years to come.

Unforgettable events such as the child’s first steps, moments with their pets, birthday cakes and even everyday wonders in their lives can be captured through the camera’s lenses. Here are some tips to catch and keep your child’s innocence in pictures. 

Use Macro and Zoom In

Through a mother’s eyes, their children are perfect in every way. Click on those adorably fuzzy hair and show your husband how similar their head’s or hair are! Those little fingers look so fragile to touch and you want to hold it for all times. Everything about your kids are perfect and even the smallest details are noticed by moms. So zoom in and set your camera to Macro mode to catch things that only moms notice. 

Use Natural Lighting and Practice Creative Poses

Capture baby’s cuteness by focusing on their curves. Find a place where you can get more natural light and shadows to wrap around and highlight your baby’s curves. Do away with the flash and let natural light create a more artistic effect on your photos, your friends and family will surely be full of “oohs” and “aaahs” for your little ones. 

Capture Iconic Events

Nothing is classier than capturing toddler’s taking their first wobbly steps with anxious arms outstretched to eagerly catch them in case they fall. Be sure to shoot where your baby’s expression can be seen. You’d be delighted to see your baby in full concentration as they try to walk their first few steps before their fall. 

Play Dress Up and Use Some Props

We all know how much kids love to dress up. Find props, buy or make some of your own and see how your kids have fun with it. This is when the most naturally endearing expressions come out – when kids are enjoying themselves. You can use simple blankets or plain curtains as a background and a bright lamp as lighting. Use Night Portrait mode for capturing these scenes.

Use Sepia Tones and Go “Au Naturalle”

Another photography tips to go with is to use sepia tones to set a nostalgic mood with childhood photos. Letting them go “au naturalle” showcases their purest and most innocent looks. Play around with white blankets and pillows and watch their creativity unfold.

Click on Signs

Kids will most likely remember your travels if you can take pictures of them along the names and locations you visit. They don’t have to look picture perfect at all times, even the rumpled clothes and uncombed hair can look cute and endearing.

You dont have to be an expert to take wonderful shots of your children. Even the simplest home chores and their unaware moments can produce cute candid photos. These few photography tips will give you great frozen childhood moments that you can always look back to even if theyve already grown up and are no longer that eager to pose to your shots.